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Anth  (7 months ago)

Very nice work Nin. Rock.

Procrastinaters  (7 months ago)

Wonderful writing and I love the way you sing. :)

Nin Winter
Nin Winter  (4 months ago)

Thank you & likewise. All of your tracks do but " A Master's Hands" resonates with me the most. Stay Blessed :-)

Procrastinaters  (7 months ago)

Wow...love your voice! Cool songs! :)

Nin Winter
Nin Winter  (4 months ago)

Hello Again. I really appreciate your support. Stay Loose

Anna  (7 months ago)

Feeling it girl!

Nin Winter
Nin Winter  (4 months ago)

Thank you & ditto :-)

VAGABOND HUM  (8 months ago)

Beautifully haunting! Fantastic voice and love the guitar tone and reverb ambiance of your sound.
Cheers from Springfield Mo.! ~VAGABOND HUM.

Acoustic Music Nathan Clay
Acoustic Music Nathan Clay  (8 months ago)

I didn't know folks down under were so soulful um um um, Like down home soul. Nice.

Alexander McIntosh
Alexander McIntosh  (8 months ago)

Love your page and your voice Nin. Really enjoying listening as I cook dinner tonight. All the best from the UK.

Nin Winter
Nin Winter  (8 months ago)

Thank You for sharing the love & buon appetito

Rosette Cribben
Rosette Cribben  (9 months ago)

Nice.....Great vocals....

anonymousmuse  (9 months ago)

smooth, just the way we like it.

Sick Monkey
Sick Monkey  (10 months ago)

Enjoyed you playlist, but must say, I Remember U is a well done piece of art. Thanks for sharing. Happy to have found your page. Wishing you the best...SM