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John Rankin
John Rankin  (7 months ago)

Garbage Man Blues... Excellent!

Shawn Adam Williams
Shawn Adam Williams  (7 months ago)

Hell yeah! You rock!

Burning Brains The Band
Burning Brains The Band  (8 months ago)

I'd like to add you to my network. PLEASE LISTEN TO MY SONGS. We are a Hard Rock band from Brazil, Amazon Forest. God Bless you. Fan me back

Linda  Robles
Linda Robles  (9 months ago)

Sounds good Alicia! Good vocals luv it.! All the best

Javier Tijuana - Los Tijuana Blues
Javier Tijuana - Los Tijuana Blues  (12 months ago)

Sweet and deep.

Twisted Tapestry
Twisted Tapestry  (12 months ago)

Good stuff, BIG thumbs up from South Florida

hutchfromba  (over 1 year ago)

Alicia's absolutely Awesome ! Blues On....

Stuart  (over 1 year ago)

Good job keep it up! I really like your music especially "I SMELL TROUBLE" check out my music I hope you find something you like I think "WINGS OF FIRE" is a track for you.

Aurora Starrs eXplosion
Aurora Starrs eXplosion  (over 1 year ago)

Alicia, sooo great to re-connect! I was just speaking wth Moe the other day about your old videos on Myspace and how aweome you are and was wondering where you were today...I do believe the Universe has helped me answer that question via Wonderful You!! You are still going strong!! I can't believe six years have flown by like that already! Listen to you, you were great at 14 but now you are super awesome!! I am so happy for you, Alicia!! And I am truly pleased for our reconnection! Bless you, you wonder-filled musical being!! Hugs and love your way from all of us at ASX! Wow, you made my day, Alicia...and now also have a renewed faith in this beautiful energetic tapestry of ours! If you ever come to Vancouver Island, please let us know, cuz we'd all make some tasty jam together!! Blessings! ♡

BEIGE FISH  (almost 2 years ago)

.. listened to- mean old bed bug blues- -great down home stuff- pure'n real !!! EXCELLENT !!