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Brian Presley - aka FastElvis
Brian Presley - aka FastElvis  (over 1 year ago)
Haha! What a blast! Dig it!
VictorEmanuel  (over 1 year ago)
Awesome style. Thank you for sharing this :)
aka raunitus
aka raunitus  (over 1 year ago)
"Rainy September instrumental "& "violent echo" awesome! !!! Feelin ya songs bro nice work I like t he humor in your song big but lol congrats on rank #3!!!
Benita Baugh
Benita Baugh  (over 1 year ago)
Welcome to my reverb page here in Scotland. Have a great weekend.
Cuzzin Will
Cuzzin Will  (over 1 year ago)
Love your style bro!
THE SQUAD  (over 1 year ago)
Swag is tight!!!
Humble Urchin
Humble Urchin  (over 1 year ago)
Thanks for adding me as a fan!
Extreme Dream
Extreme Dream  (over 1 year ago)
smooth vocals, good instrumentals and performances. today's listens: Rainy Sept. through Soul Bab. ENJOYING ALL SONGS HERE.............Tony
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SuperGrandAd Super-Grand-Ad  (over 1 year ago)
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Amanda Castro
Amanda Castro  (over 1 year ago)
Great music!!!