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BASEMENT ROCKS  (almost 7 years ago)

Southern Rock At It's Best ! Gimme Some MOLLY HATCHET ALL!
Peace ! B-rad Stone ! BASEMENT ROCKS! band

Grimm Jack
Grimm Jack  (almost 7 years ago)

Molly Hatchet IS the epitome of classic rock. Kudos to Bobby for his hard work in keeping Hatchet's music alive, and high praise to Phil for carrying on as the band's singer like nobody else could do. Dave's playing is still amazing--he's the real deal--an American guitar hero. He and Bobby have formed a duo that's hard to beat, and they totally ROCK. Tim and Shawn are without question one of the best rhythm sections ever paired together, and John Galvin lays down his mark to give the band plenty of soul. Today's Molly Hatchet is a fabulous band containing musicians who are obviously passionate about the band's music--it shows in their performances. We salute the whole Molly Hatchet organization--past, present, and future. Keep safe, keep it real, and keep it LOUD!

Peace to ya!