Jamie King Colton / Comments

Sean Coleman Music
Sean Coleman Music  (5 months ago)

Sounds good, looking forward to more!

Deny  Jurlina
Deny Jurlina  (5 months ago)

Beautiful..nice tune.....best to you !!

John Rankin
John Rankin  (5 months ago)

Promises - Cool tune!

Lynda Linda  Davis
Lynda Linda Davis  (8 months ago)

Great music!

Lynda Linda  Davis
Lynda Linda Davis  (8 months ago)


Fred Broughton
Fred Broughton  (8 months ago)

Jamie, You are just so very Awesome.

KC Daleigh
KC Daleigh  (8 months ago)

What wonderful talent you have. Listening now to PROMISES.

Adam Nicholson
Adam Nicholson  (9 months ago)

Well, there's no video and from what I can hear "Promises" sounds like a pretty happening song… all the best to you Jamie and keep on rocking!

Daly  Redline
Daly Redline  (9 months ago)

huge fan of your talent\m/♥♬🎶 🎶

John Colella
John Colella  (9 months ago)

nicely performed :)