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Jess J Jones Jr.
Jess J Jones Jr.  (6 months ago)

What’s Good. The 9th Annual Get Money Stop Hatin Tour will be hosting a 15 Date Run in the Midwest this September. We'll be hosting events in twelve different states. If you want to perform, Visit GMSHLive(dot)com or call 818-723-0847 for details. God bless.

RoPatron  (almost 5 years ago)

Much respect, keep up the good work. And remember that broken pencils are pointless!!!!! Please like me at www.facebook.com/ropatron



J. Cirrus
J. Cirrus  (over 7 years ago)

Just dropping thru. The quality is great and the harmonies are on point. Official Loving is a fun song bro. Needs to hit the radio waves...Holla back J. Cirrus.

DeVon Carlo
DeVon Carlo  (over 4 years ago)

Hey J, thanks for listening and the feedback!