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Jerry & Dalia's New Music
Jerry & Dalia's New Music  (7 months ago)
Love your music, keep it up
david namerow (Congas/hand percussion)
david namerow (Congas/hand percussion)  (8 months ago)
newyork city dreamin'==this is evocative of hope, loneliness and the poetry of life captured in a thumbnail glimpse of memories, a blended guitar tapestry of poignant power. well done.
George Moss
George Moss  (8 months ago)
Very Interesting Music & Words !!!! I like what I am hearing !!! :)
Bryan Hanson OldFireCptn
Bryan Hanson OldFireCptn  (10 months ago)
Well, like your song says, you certainly don't need to prove yourself! good stuff
Marios Papalexis
Marios Papalexis  (11 months ago)
Enjoying your music,all the best!
Red River Troubadours
Red River Troubadours  (11 months ago)
Love the music and style, really enjoyable, and thanks so much guys for the follow
Wyly Koyote
Wyly Koyote  (12 months ago)
John Castellain
John Castellain  (about 1 year ago)
Hi guys,those guitars sound beautiful,vocals on counterpoint rhythms is very effective.And "White Picket Fences" overall is a damn fine song!
Nagga  (about 1 year ago)
Great music!!
Marios Papalexis
Marios Papalexis  (about 1 year ago)
Awesome music,all the best,have a great week!