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Bonde Sem Freio
Bonde Sem Freio  (about 1 month ago)

Happy 2017! Cheers!!! Success!!!

Paul's Songs of Belief
Paul's Songs of Belief  (9 months ago)

Loving your great sounds!
Wishing you good luck & all the best from me & all @ www.paullyrics.com:)!

'Les Paul's' (The Paul's)
'Les Paul's' (The Paul's)  (about 1 year ago)

‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) loves your stuff and wishes you good luck & all the best:)!

Spirits Of Another Day
Spirits Of Another Day  (about 1 year ago)

Sweet sonic ))) Peace from Sunny Detroit City !

kurikokaleidoscope  (over 1 year ago)

hello from kurikokaleidoscope

Lost At Sky
Lost At Sky  (over 1 year ago)

Awesome! We are your fans. We'd be thrilled if you would fan back. Be lucky

Gringo Willy
Gringo Willy  (about 3 years ago)

Mellow tunes man

Starch Monkey
Starch Monkey  (about 3 years ago)

We stopped by to listen to "Forever Blue". Keep up your writing!

Executive Order
Executive Order  (almost 4 years ago)

Awesome music!! Keep up the good work!!
Richard Willis- Lead Singer/Executive Order

cyclamen  (almost 4 years ago)

Hi Richard Thanks for the nice comment- hopefully will have a new song soon-good luck on this rocky bumpy ass road- it gives us something to write songs about I guess - it is the purpose of life!#@&* Tom

So To Speak
So To Speak  (almost 4 years ago)

Great sound Tom! Love the tunes!