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Michael Iadonisi
Michael Iadonisi  (over 1 year ago)

Good job--very nice stuff--I like your story about your influences too--me from that era--and it shows in your great music.

CHIMERA  (over 1 year ago)

Very nice work!

Ecologyngle  (over 1 year ago)

"Sweet Burgundy" beautiful expression Ian. Cheers * Patricia

Ian James
Ian James  (over 1 year ago)

Thank you so much! That is a cover from my favorite artist Tommy Bolin RIP, a beautiful young soul who died way too young, and never got the recognition he deserved as an artist. :)

Steve Morin & The Higgs Boson Project
Steve Morin & The Higgs Boson Project  (over 3 years ago)

Enjoying these finely crafted tunes this morning out of my very own Bay State! Excellent man! Sort of a cross between The Doors & The Talking Heads. Cool material!
God bless

Ian James
Ian James  (over 4 years ago)

All the demos that had been posted for the "Grand Delusions" album have been removed (for now). The newly mastered versions will appear soon. In the meantime, please enjoy the current list of songs. A mix of old and unreleased tracks. Thanks!

This Is My Curse
This Is My Curse  (over 4 years ago)

Excellent job!!! we enjoyed our visit and will be back often!!! you "earned" a "like" push from us!! keep up the hard and great work!!! T.I.M.C.

Ian James
Ian James  (over 4 years ago)

Thanks Guys!! Good to hear from you!! Hope you're having a rockin day so far!

PREEMINENT TRUTH  (almost 5 years ago)

Digging the music off your page. I'm a fan! Much Respect! Peace Josh

Ian James
Ian James  (about 6 years ago)

I'm not playing that show in Oregon. But I'm sure the Ian James that is playing it will be grateful if you request my songs.

Ian James
Ian James  (over 6 years ago)