Kimberly Yoakum / Comments

Tailorsmith  (about 22 hours ago)
You have such a lovely voice. Beautiful music Kim!
whitney duncan
whitney duncan  (about 1 month ago)
Kimberly Yoakum Is A Great So Very Beautifull And Wonderfull Singer And A So Very Beautifull And Wonderfull Person With Alot Of Love Big Smiles Strong Tallent Laughter Joy And Strong Kindness.
Louis Olivo
Louis Olivo  (2 months ago)
wonderful best of luck nice sweet voice.
Rose Finn
Rose Finn  (3 months ago)
WhatA fabulous, beautiful rich voice you have. Absolutely lovely music and songs. Huge talent here Kimberley. Sendingall my best wishes. love 🌹
LampStand Music
LampStand Music  (5 months ago)
Great sounds going down here.
DARRELL MORRIS  (6 months ago)
Superb voice.
Ian Grant
Ian Grant  (7 months ago)
Please dance with me is great Kimberly as you are.
Blue Goons
Blue Goons  (7 months ago)
Nice Work Check Us Out
The Koncepts of Light
The Koncepts of Light  (7 months ago)
really heartfelt songs. Your singing reminds of me of a cross between Kelly Clarkson and Lisa Marie Presley, with all the passion and tone.
Mario Moreno Music
Mario Moreno Music  (7 months ago)
You sound great Kimberly.