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TillyRiddle  (11 months ago)

The Washboard is a poem in one song, very pleasant one

JMOYA  (11 months ago)

WASHBOARD on my player, what an amazing fusion of styles and instruments. Love the banjo, swinging, jazzy style.

Tom Hedrick
Tom Hedrick  (11 months ago)

Thank you!!! :-)

Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese  (11 months ago)

Loving Washboard Tom, wow there's a little bit of evrrything in this, left turns around every corner....love that folksy feel you blended into the beggining...ecclectic throughout, very brilliant...some really cool stuff going on with this song..I can't define it, and thats perfect!! Exceptional as always!! Your creativity is amazing Tom!

Tom Hedrick
Tom Hedrick  (11 months ago)

Thank you, Anthony! :-)

Maloa Warriors
Maloa Warriors  (11 months ago)

"playin' out loud"... now you got me... great song... damn, i wish this was a flobe song, lol... too damn good, bro... power pop perfection... i'm all in... ya bway

Tom Hedrick
Tom Hedrick  (11 months ago)

Thanks for your comments about these songs, boi. You rock!

Maloa Warriors
Maloa Warriors  (11 months ago)

whoa... holiday at st. joe's is like what the Dead wanted to sound like... unreal musicality... and stellar playing... i loved every note... your huge fan, and good bud, da boi d

Carlos Wilde
Carlos Wilde  (11 months ago)

Happy Sunday, Tom

John Revitte
John Revitte  (11 months ago)

"Playin' Out Loud" is a great song Tom!

Albert Bevia
Albert Bevia  (11 months ago)

Holiday At St. Joe's.....what an amazing piece of music, you have talent just pouring out of you, truly amazing

Chris Ingram
Chris Ingram  (11 months ago)

What a volcano of ideas you are Tom - am playing your brilliant, jazzy, "Holiday at St. Joe's" - totally original but reminds me of Coliseum at their best. Wishing you and yours all you'd wish for yourselves in 2017 - now I'm loving "Playing Out Loud"

"da boi" derinho
"da boi" derinho  (12 months ago)

happy new year to you and your lovely family... ya boi d

Tom Hedrick
Tom Hedrick  (12 months ago)

Back at ya, boi! Happy 2017 and thanks for your great music!