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Hypnotix Music
Hypnotix Music  (over 6 years ago)
Feeling yawls tracks. Some good stuff!!
UE (Upper Echelon)
UE (Upper Echelon)  (over 6 years ago)
thanks fam!
Tony Spades aka Johnny Torch
Tony Spades aka Johnny Torch  (over 6 years ago)
Definitely like the flow and the lyrical prowess and creativity. Keep doing your thing. I see yall in NJ. Let's collab on something. Spades
Shanelle Gabriel
Shanelle Gabriel  (over 6 years ago)
Dope work! So glad to hear some good music! Hope to see you guys live soon. Rock Arcadia... I had fun the last time I performed there. Much love!
UE (Upper Echelon)
UE (Upper Echelon)  (over 6 years ago)
Oh you performed at Arcadia? How was it? They have a great crowd. Lotsa fun. Outdoor festival.
LORI NEBO  (over 6 years ago)
love your music! real lyrics that flow for real! I love that heart you put into it! It's good to hear something with heart again! I like to feel music, alot stuff out on the radio is dancy but it only scratches the surface, superficial and you don't feel the heart in it.
Smoove Appeal
Smoove Appeal  (over 6 years ago)
Im feeling that gleaming joint is fire we should do a collabo keep on bringing the heat
TWIN-C VaNilla SpiLLA  (over 6 years ago)
holla mah nig u rite in newark ths wasup il try and check out ur shows son word hey i got a big favor man if it aint to much trouble can u please vote for my track at http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/audiodetail.aspx?audioid=47893 ight be good keep grindin out aight
UE (Upper Echelon)
UE (Upper Echelon)  (over 6 years ago)
i voted pimpin, good luck! we proly do the same thing next mixtape
CONTRABAND  (over 6 years ago)
nice work!!!yo we live like 5mins from u..we set up showcases around here..get at me il put u on sum shows..we got 1 this sat in kearny..119 brighton ave in kearny..show starts at 8pm wit an open mic sypha..showcase starts 9pm
FUTUREMONROE  (over 6 years ago)
I enjoyed listening to your music. showin some love. from Brooklym, Future
UE (Upper Echelon)
UE (Upper Echelon)  (over 6 years ago)
Good looks on the love. I'm going to check ya tracks and return the love.