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P. Grizzy
P. Grizzy  (about 6 years ago)

Keep doing your thing its a good look and check out my page when you got time

RawTalk Recordings
RawTalk Recordings  (about 7 years ago)


I hope you could have a good look through our page or official website as we're in the middle of setting up a independent record label which also offer graphic design and FREE web space so if you want I could host you music on our website FREE of charge whether your giving it away for FREE or selling it we dont take any money for this its literally to get our website about and your names about.

We're basically another host for your music and your label if you have or own one.

Let me know if your interested and check out the site:

a9ent0ran9e  (over 7 years ago)

Big Love


'Nuff Respect

(inner area)


Adamatic  (over 7 years ago)

What up Talent. Hope all is well. Gonna hit you and Metis with some new beats soon. Peace!

Sahara C
Sahara C  (about 8 years ago)