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EMPRAH ”THA GREAT” / THUG'Z NATION ENT  (about 2 months ago)

How's it going

Attention all artist of all Genres!!!! Come out to Club Yabby's & perform your hottest Single or Cover Song. Saturday Aug. 5th. We will be selecting an Artist for a full FREE INDUSTRY LEVEL MARKETING & PROMOTION CAMPAIGN. That will effectively build your brand & organically increase the momentum of your Spotify/Youtube/Vevo/Soundcloud Accounts. Also we'll feature you on our TV & Radio Network & Company Apps. All of our stations are Fully Syndicated & Registered with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, SOCAN, & SOUND EXCHANGE. Contact EMPRAH "THA GREAT" @ (310)853-8771 for any inquires & questions about the event. Thanks for your time & God Bless. I look forward to seeing you perform

Copy & Paste this link for details

Sound On Fire Productions
Sound On Fire Productions  (6 months ago)

dope as hell fam

Nicole Diaz
Nicole Diaz  (6 months ago)

Hey, I'm the official Talent Scout of the #GMSHTOUR. We have concerts coming up in Denver, CO for 4/20 weekend (4/20 & 4/21). All of our concerts get super dope, & you can come out and perform. If you live in or around the city we developed a way to get you paid and a free set. If you don't, you can hit GMSHTOUR(dot)com. You can also hit 818-723-0847/401-699-2002 for more info. God bless.

The Grand Sheep
The Grand Sheep  (6 months ago)

wow...very cool

Jayali  (about 1 year ago)

Hey, I'm the official host and headlining the #GMSHTOUR, and we are coming to Houston on July 1st. We’ll be at Eastdown Warehouse. We are looking for artist to come on tour, and have developed the platform to cater to artists who need promotion, or have fans and want to get paid. If you are interested in coming out, fill out the registration link: bit.ly/GMSHSUMMER16 or call 818-723-0847 or 317-809-8208. God Bless.

REDmonz  (over 6 years ago)

Whats good homie just showin some support, stop by my page and check me out (Knasas City, Mo) Iz The Town...


Mike Ro
Mike Ro  (over 6 years ago)

Keep pushin and making good music! I'm currently ranked #1 in Houston...Check out my new track "Wings" from my upcoming debut album "Dirty Jobs" stay connected!

Mike Ro

Zona Jetson
Zona Jetson  (about 7 years ago)

Sick tracks bro.... Very soothing also

David Sha
David Sha  (almost 7 years ago)

Preciate the accolades my man.