Rick Lally / Comments

Craig Robbins
Craig Robbins  (10 months ago)
Life is a really good groove. /Nice little guitar hook in there!
Ross Seddon
Ross Seddon  (10 months ago)
Down in Jamaica works for me great fun
Debbie Kauble
Debbie Kauble  (10 months ago)
Thank you for becoming a fan....I really dig your music......"I can't breath" is great! I will continue listening...I hear a bit of "Chicago" influence....nice feel good vibe
Rennie D.
Rennie D.  (10 months ago)
Greetings from San Diego! Really love your sound! Uplifting, catchy tunes! Thanks for becoming a Fan and keep making great music!
Andrei Traistaru
Andrei Traistaru  (10 months ago)
Cool tunes ! Catchy stuff.
It's A Trade Thing
It's A Trade Thing  (10 months ago)
Nice vibe, having a great time listening here. Thanks for being a fan.
TwoLado  (10 months ago)
Thks for FriendShip, Rick Lally. Nice voice and country melodies. Bst for U.
Indreamspirit  (10 months ago)
Beautiful work on "Life" excellent, love it, all the best!!!
Jimi Gilbert
Jimi Gilbert  (10 months ago)
Hey man, I really dig your music. You got me singing along to "Down in Jamaica" :-)
ELISA DUWEZ  (10 months ago)
great style:) greetings from France :)