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A Beautiful Fight
A Beautiful Fight  (about 1 month ago)

Great Tunes !! Keep Rocking !! Love it

Starlight Riot
Starlight Riot  (about 2 months ago)

Like your music and would be interested in opening or doing a show with guys. I am the original drummer with 52 metro with Vince Smith I was with him when his Father passed. Big fan of alkaline trio who Vince turned me onto. Whatever happens to Vince is he still playing I have not seen him 2003

Todd Apfel
Todd Apfel  (3 months ago)

I came by, listened and thoroughly enjoyed your music!! Awesome!!

Any 2 Fillings
Any 2 Fillings  (5 months ago)

Well boys...gotta say you sound brilliant! Good material. Will definitely follow your careers.. keep at it....

Avenues  (5 months ago)

Thank you very much!

Kill The Crabs
Kill The Crabs  (6 months ago)

i like bro

After The Burn
After The Burn  (6 months ago)

I see you're playing The Rock Carnival tomorrow. That's a great gig. Congrats! Maybe we'll see you there.

After The Burn
After The Burn  (6 months ago)

thanks for the kind words. Dig your tunes as well...
We might try to make it out your way in 2017 maybe we can hook up for a gig. If yo come out to NJ...Hit us up.

welli  (8 months ago)

Great music.

Brave You
Brave You  (9 months ago)

Rock on!

Cracked Up
Cracked Up  (11 months ago)

Great songs!
Greetings from Amsterdam