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GiGi Harville
GiGi Harville  (about 7 years ago)

You are awesome a true star !!

manolis paschalidis
manolis paschalidis  (about 7 years ago)

Hi there Danielle.Easy to love is a great ballad.Your voice is amazing.I habe to mention also that the production is really good
Best wishes

Lost Traces
Lost Traces  (about 7 years ago)


KRUSH  (about 7 years ago)

just droppin' by for another visit... SWEET!! Peace & Love, KRUSH

Leonardo Neiva
Leonardo Neiva  (about 7 years ago)

Great sound! You sing very well!!! Good job!

Shivpreet Singh
Shivpreet Singh  (about 7 years ago)

Just like you say it, your voice and lyrics are "easy to love" -- you will go places!

Kia Muze
Kia Muze  (about 7 years ago)

sounding great! all the best to u!

Mista Perez
Mista Perez  (about 7 years ago)

SUCKS TO BE YOU- what a great listen that was...get yourself to nashville. You have a great talent and writing ability.

BAD JOKES  (about 7 years ago)

Love your music, kisses from Italy!

Doobie Whitehorn
Doobie Whitehorn  (about 7 years ago)

You got me singin' along... Great stuff... Doobie