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Franklin Pedreschi
Franklin Pedreschi  (4 months ago)

great songs

Sky Harbor Sunrise
Sky Harbor Sunrise  (4 months ago)

I can dig it man. Rock on! Best wishes!

Neva Out Done
Neva Out Done  (4 months ago)

Hey James, I really like the 4 AM song its laid back and melodic. (deep lyrics) Keep up the great work.
-Neva Out Done

Johnny Ccrider
Johnny Ccrider  (4 months ago)

yeahhhh !!! I like this stuff!!!!!

Chantelle Lee
Chantelle Lee  (4 months ago)

deep lyrics!

Darnell Green
Darnell Green  (4 months ago)

the hard work has paid off !!!! great music original sound !!!! great stories!!

MotorTrinken  (5 months ago)

Thanks for the support! Good music also to you!

"30 Coupe" Band
"30 Coupe" Band  (5 months ago)

James.. NICE stuff man. Dig the beat and lyrics of "Down The Highway My Way". "Karma" great lyrics also. A great variety of tunes, each one very unique and exceptional. Keep rockin' .

Frank Rubbo
Frank Rubbo  (5 months ago)

Beautiful songs James !!! I love Karma, Dreams and About You! Best wishes :)

Dr.V  (5 months ago)

keep up the great work DrV Chicago