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C.Harris  & ARACELI  REYNA (Singer-Songwriter)
C.Harris & ARACELI REYNA (Singer-Songwriter)  (10 months ago)

Letter A ABC Song, what our kids need ... Nice to think of the youngings !

The Jameson Fog
The Jameson Fog  (10 months ago)

Super Awesome, direct driven sounds. The Jameson Fog digs it!!! Give us a heads up when you come to Dallas/Ft Worth!!

Pastor Phonz
Pastor Phonz  (10 months ago)


David Snyder
David Snyder  (10 months ago)

Great melodic, songwriting here Chris!!! Can't stop listening! Keep up the great work! Wonderful arrangements.

The Sedeucers
The Sedeucers  (10 months ago)

Good stuff, I like the vibe it purveys.

headlight blind
headlight blind  (10 months ago)

Chris! Sounds Great!!! look forward to more music from you

MUSICALLY TALENTED  (10 months ago)

Thanks for the love
I'm digging ur style
& Much love to you and Your Music 😜

Cyril Harris Jr
Cyril Harris Jr  (10 months ago)

Helping the children

Ms. Trina V.
Ms. Trina V.  (10 months ago)

wow feeling you al the way nice job luv

THE VIOLENCE  (10 months ago)

Nice job chris im sure this will be stuck in my head all day !