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Cyril Harris Jr
Cyril Harris Jr  (12 months ago)

Helping the children

Ms. Trina V.
Ms. Trina V.  (12 months ago)

wow feeling you al the way nice job luv

THE VIOLENCE  (12 months ago)

Nice job chris im sure this will be stuck in my head all day !

ona hernandez
ona hernandez  (12 months ago)

chris u are a great artist music is life i love it

Chris Wallin
Chris Wallin  (12 months ago)

Great mix and catchy composition! Uplifting sound, inspiring lyrics too! Great voice and playing too! Have a wonderful day! x)

LOVEE  (12 months ago)

Wow I love your voice Chris and music keep up the great work.

Sir 7
Sir 7  (12 months ago)

Chris, enjoying the tunes, remarkable work, love the vibes you give......much continued success!

Gio's World
Gio's World  (12 months ago)

Chris thank you for loving my music
i've always love to make music for a living and I believe you're the source of how to do that

Star Chopp
Star Chopp  (12 months ago)

I love the paris anthem song! The remix is nice too!

Mind Limo
Mind Limo  (12 months ago)

Themed and orchestral...uplifting...a hallmark of positive emotion in your music.