Chris Aable / Comments

Greg Kelly
Greg Kelly  (about 15 hours ago)

Nice Feel, I enjoyed the Orchestration and Textures, Great Music....

Mykall McDowell
Mykall McDowell  (about 21 hours ago)

Lovin your sounds brother!! Awesome Work Indeed!!! ~Mykall~

Ermelinda Cuellar
Ermelinda Cuellar  (about 21 hours ago)

Enjoying your songs Chris!

Gilbert Engle
Gilbert Engle  (about 23 hours ago)

nice layering of the sounds

NativNawlins  (about 23 hours ago)

Love the music and the message .....a big fan of orchestration.....

Binger  (1 day ago)

great style, really complete sound

Circular  (1 day ago)

Great music

Joshua Buachie
Joshua Buachie  (1 day ago)

Love that groovy feel

Gary Mitchell
Gary Mitchell  (1 day ago)

Hey Chris thanks for the love man, im returning it. I absolutely loooove your music dude. Keep grinding jack

Michael Bates
Michael Bates  (1 day ago)

You're an awesome artist! Keep on doing what you're doing bro!