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Rachel Elaine Reaster
Rachel Elaine Reaster  (over 8 years ago)
You are amazing, I'm glad I always knew that and that now others get a chance to experience it. You have so much more to give and I can't wait for the music world to receive it!! Huge hug--R
AJ In Evolution
AJ In Evolution  (over 8 years ago)
Thanks Rach, You Always were my #1 supporter and Fan and I'll always love you for that. :) I promise to kick it up here in the new Year :) -AJ
Rod Fritz
Rod Fritz  (over 8 years ago)
I'm really enjoying listening to your songs. Your delivery between styles is great. Nice work dude!
Free World Radio Telecasting™
Free World Radio Telecasting™  (over 8 years ago)
Quality work!
Steve Falter
Steve Falter  (over 8 years ago)
Thanks for filling the 11pm slot at Penacho's Sat. night. You've got a lot of talent and I'm looking forward to earing more of your music! Steve
Corrosive  (over 8 years ago)
Hi AJ - Thanks for becomming a fan, I appreciate your support. Please check out some of my songs if you haven't done so already. I see you live in Lake Mary, my buddies & I have a show in Sanford on December 5th. We hope to see you out there.
Tropa Solar
Tropa Solar  (over 8 years ago)
Hey AJ, Got your update on Facebook and it brought me here. now I have been listening to your music and really love it!
AJ In Evolution
AJ In Evolution  (over 8 years ago)
Awesome glad to hear you enjoyed it. You've got an awesome sound yourself there. Way cool. Glad to know you and please stay in touch. -AJ