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Les Boyko and Trilby Station
Les Boyko and Trilby Station  (almost 3 years ago)
Great voice and songs played well! Star sound and material, I like it a lot.
Toy Boy Smitty
Toy Boy Smitty  (almost 3 years ago)
cool sound on pic a bottle
UniSon * David A. Planas *
UniSon * David A. Planas *  (almost 3 years ago)
Hi Willy thanks! Woww great music! Best wishes, David ♪♪♫
Naledi King
Naledi King  (almost 3 years ago)
Hey the Willy. Hope you are good dear. Thanks for stopping by for a listen and for supporting. Appreciate you visiting. Enjoy your day.
2 Seed
2 Seed  (almost 3 years ago)
Checking out "Born a sinner".... Nice track, I hear the soul you've spilled... Let it rain brother Rock on! Great job! "MUSIC IS THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE"
Fernando Garcin
Fernando Garcin  (almost 3 years ago)
Love your sounds! Your songs have soul, great instrumentation and vocals! Enjoying Born a Sinner - thanks for connectin' - liking you on fb too - best wishes
Air-12  (almost 3 years ago)
Pick a Bottle..nice Latin ingredients..
Salt NZ
Salt NZ  (almost 3 years ago)
Real Nice tunes you have there.. Nice Groovy feeling about them !! Salt & TGM
IRREVERENCE  (about 3 years ago)
Thanks a lot!! Check out the following link! "THE DAY" is coming! http://youtu.be/xF1hkh-qiJk ..and don't forget to listen to a teaser of our new release "SHREDS OF HUMANITY" by clicking on here! http://youtu.be/Gb1aM5XJtS0 SEE YOU ON TOUR! \m/
Budd Zunga
Budd Zunga  (about 3 years ago)
Soundin' Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!