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All Types Of Kinds
All Types Of Kinds  (8 months ago)
Great songs. Thanks so much.
Landmark Events
Landmark Events  (about 2 years ago)
Hey Carlin Tripp, I’m Evelyne I’m an artist booker at Landmark Events. I’ve come across your music page and I really enjoyed rebel. I’m curious to know what your current plans and projects are for your music. We have some great opportunities for independent artists in Boston that could be beneficial to your music. We have a show coming up on July 6 at Middle East club and I think you’d fit very well in the line-up. If you’d like more details about the show, please send me a quick email at lme.boston@gmail.com Thanks and have a great day, Evelyne
Mind Doors
Mind Doors  (over 2 years ago)
amazing music!
easy dinner recipes
easy dinner recipes  (over 2 years ago)
lovely sound
Oneg Shemesh Band
Oneg Shemesh Band  (over 2 years ago)
I really enjoyed your sound!!
Stuart  (over 2 years ago)
Good job keep it up! I really like your music especially "REBEL" check out my music I hope you find something you like I think "LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH" is a track for you.
Wesley Pelle
Wesley Pelle  (over 2 years ago)
excellent songwriting....vocals and music...love your music.
MR SLIC  (about 4 years ago)
Awesome music.... im digging the vibe..... stopping thru to show some LUV to the movement.... 1LUV ~SLIC~
tri2teach  (almost 5 years ago)
"Jack in the Night" has become one of my fav songs. Will catch another show soon. :)
Carlin Tripp
Carlin Tripp  (almost 5 years ago)
Glad you dig it- Check out carlintripp.com for some show dates!
Carlin Tripp
Carlin Tripp  (almost 5 years ago)
Thanks for all the awesome comments you guys!