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Darnell Green
Darnell Green  (7 months ago)
dope swagg!! clean and uncut!! you know what chu doin mothafuckas need to watch n listen!!
XLNT  (7 months ago)
Salute family! Thats real shit. Appreciate the dope feedback bro!
Rolan  (7 months ago)
Cool! Thanks!
XLNT  (7 months ago)
I share cuz I care. LOL
Baby Boy J
Baby Boy J  (7 months ago)
Wishing you much success bro 🎵 keep the fire 🔥 going ✌
XLNT  (7 months ago)
Appreciate the love family! Settin sum shit on fire right now.! LOL
The Serpent Motors
The Serpent Motors  (7 months ago)
Nice tunes great sound
XLNT  (7 months ago)
Appreciate it family!
Saving Danny
Saving Danny  (7 months ago)
Tunes are FIRE!! Thanks for the support. Sending love n respect from London UK
Black Tanks
Black Tanks  (8 months ago)
Slick presentation! Thanks for taking time to follow us!
PHRUISHUN  (8 months ago)
Nice Crowd is Dope!
XLNT  (7 months ago)
Appreciate it family! Video for "Nice Crowd" dropping 2mrrw! I'll keep u posted.
L. W. Clay Sr.
L. W. Clay Sr.  (8 months ago)
Bomb is serious. So is the rest of the material. Bomb is my new shit though.
XLNT  (8 months ago)
Yessir! LOL That joint is very special to me too. I think the transitions helped me show more range. Appreciate the feedback bro!
ad8  (8 months ago)
nice crowd - ""😀😳😁""da crowd is pleased !
XLNT  (8 months ago)
LOL! Just glad to know im doin my job family! Much Love!
John Colella
John Colella  (8 months ago)
boss tracks
XLNT  (8 months ago)
Takes a Boss to spot a Boss! LOL Appreciate the feedback!