Lindsay White Music / Comments

Jordan E. Spivack
Jordan E. Spivack  (20 days ago)
Back to hear more of your beautiful voice!
C.K. Marion
C.K. Marion  (about 1 month ago)
Pleasure listening to your sounds
C.K. Marion
C.K. Marion  (about 1 month ago)
#bangers in this profile, love the tracks
C.K. Marion
C.K. Marion  (3 months ago)
i feeling those vibes
Walson Balzak
Walson Balzak  (3 months ago)
enjoying your music this evening. nice work - thanks
All Types Of Kinds
All Types Of Kinds  (7 months ago)
Hey Lindsay Listened to Surrogate and My Beast. Love your tunes. I'm a fan and rooting for your success. Best to you for the holidays.
Rolan  (7 months ago)
Wow! Great songs , lyrics, and style! Thanks!
Rick Arnette
Rick Arnette  (10 months ago)
Great !!
Andee Willén
Andee Willén  (10 months ago)
you really sounds great I like your songwriting lots of success and fun with your music cheers Andee
Integr8d Soul
Integr8d Soul  (11 months ago)
I've been with your sound through about four albums now, and I'm so glad to hear you still out there. I hope something breaks in an even bigger way.