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Small Hands and Ayrex
Small Hands and Ayrex  (almost 3 years ago)

Super dope beat on Self Imprisonment, br0ken beat possibly? Bumpin the tracks nice work we'll be back for more! 1

Small Hands
Small Hands  (about 3 years ago)

Hey boys, Small Hands here. I look forward to seeing y'all at Shredded Beats the weekend. My best friend Griff put me on the list for all three. So, not sure if you guys know, but my little brother Jerrad Wallace was murdered in longmont a couple weeks ago. It has me inspired to start a movement called "Artists Against Community Violence." I already have a website being built for it.
** I'm gonna host a memorial concert for my little bro on his birthday, 7/24, at The Fox. Griff and Sognar will be backing it as well as other entities, we'll have local hip hop acts, poets, artists, etc. I would love it y'all would throw down a set. You guys have been at this as long as I have, and I think about you guys a lot and wish you success either way. Talk to you at Cervantes if I dont hear back. Stoked to see your set! love
Small Hands