Rane Stone / Comments

Annie Lockwood
Annie Lockwood  (almost 8 years ago)
Mr. Rane Stone - just listened to Shame Colored Sunshine - beautiful! Gave me goosebumps. Glad to see such a talented musician that doesn't sing about rainbows and butterflies.... :)
Dylan Cragle
Dylan Cragle  (almost 8 years ago)
Thanks so much for becoming a fan and recommending my page. Means alot to me. Great music here....really good!!! ~Dylan
Bench Grinder
Bench Grinder  (almost 8 years ago)
Its Great to have you aboard man ! Welcome to Reverb!!
Justin Langston
Justin Langston  (almost 8 years ago)
You have some awesome tunes my friend....Justin
Mike Brennan
Mike Brennan  (almost 8 years ago)
Great Voice brother! Very Very soulful! Hope receive more success than you can handle! Great job!
Tiarah  (almost 8 years ago)
Great songs man, great voice! greetz from the crew!
Gene Hood
Gene Hood  (almost 8 years ago)
Thanks for becominng part of my site and spreading my music a further. We make a lot of same choices in our delivery. Love yuur sound, thanks for recommending me.I'll will catch one of your shows some time. Thanks, Gene Hood
Joy Hollon
Joy Hollon  (almost 8 years ago)
Thanks for finding me. I'm so enjoying your music. Excellent work. peace, Joy
Martin Lennon
Martin Lennon  (almost 8 years ago)
Fantastic voice - really love that and the quality of your songs. Nice one :)
Jake Nannery
Jake Nannery  (almost 8 years ago)
I am an instant fan. instant.