Eric Martin / Comments

Bonde Sem Freio
Bonde Sem Freio  (9 months ago)
Cheers!!! Success!!!
Eric Kloepper
Eric Kloepper  (about 2 years ago)
Great show Saturday night at The Imperial Club in downtown Granite City. Thanks Eric, Awesome performance, from your friends at Riot Radio 1510. Everybody loved the show. Keep on Rocking!!!
Ladynha Macedo
Ladynha Macedo  (over 2 years ago)
That's my best singer of the world... Love too much! Come to Brazul, always. ♥
Heart Of Orion
Heart Of Orion  (over 2 years ago)
Super good.Great inspiration to us .Thank you for sharing
Stuart  (almost 4 years ago)
Good job keep it up! I really like your music especially "Fly on a Wall" check out my music I hope you find something you like I think "Love is not Enough" is a track for you !
LISA POLIZZI  (almost 4 years ago)
great voice, i'm hearing a lot of musical influences in your style
Gary Shaine
Gary Shaine  (almost 4 years ago)
Yo Eric! Great show in Pekin man! Check out some of my tunes on here if you would be so kind! Peace!
Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages  (almost 4 years ago)
Heard you here, became a fan and liked your Facebook. Follow us on @martzician to receive daily tweets of classic rock trivia! #RockTrivia
Kindred Spirit
Kindred Spirit  (about 4 years ago)
Good sound! Great vocal delivery!
Danny Vash
Danny Vash  (about 4 years ago)
Great vocals Eric.....Danny \m/ \m/