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Mc Two
Mc Two  (4 months ago)

ll good.....I see your success growing.......No lie.........Peace
E.p Made THis

Trust Fam
Trust Fam  (5 months ago)

Ima pop bottles and dreams really go HARD fam good stuff listen to our music and let us know what you think thnkz God Bless..

Cradle records
Cradle records  (6 months ago)

Looking to do a music video and photo shoot for some hot artists if you're interested please contact me Tony bmore at 443 226 1204 thank you. My website is www.tonybmore.zenfolio.com check me out

RIFICA  (9 months ago)

Wus up bro. Congrats on your number 1 status. Thanks for inviting me here on twitter. Be Blessed broham.

Fantase B ♫
Fantase B ♫  (10 months ago)

2 say this is gd is an understatement , U got IT !

Javan Batton AKA JayBuggYT
Javan Batton AKA JayBuggYT  (10 months ago)

Damn you hard af maybe me and you can do a song one day keep me coming

Anonymous HipHopper
Anonymous HipHopper  (10 months ago)

I like the music! Keep it coming!

Shi~LythaL  (10 months ago)

Ayyye slidin thru to leave sum luv

lil bey
lil bey  (10 months ago)

nice song ... !!!!!!!!!!!!

BROOKLYN BOND  (11 months ago)

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