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Andrew Neil
Andrew Neil  (about 6 years ago)

Dedline, Great music...and even greater because it has a purpose! Peace.... Andrew Neil

Miss Ivy
Miss Ivy  (about 7 years ago)

nice music. I like it. :-)

Jeff Pailer
Jeff Pailer  (over 7 years ago)

Hey Dedline, Great songs and sound you've got. Thank you for your charity work...we need more people in the world like you guys. Excellent job on all. Jeff

Andrea Camporotondo
Andrea Camporotondo  (over 7 years ago)

Nice music, keep it real. Ciao

Julie Day and Associates
Julie Day and Associates  (over 7 years ago)

You Guys are truly amazing. I hope to 'grow up' to be more like you with your giving spirit, incredible music and lyrics; which completely move and inspire. Thank you.

Julie Day, Songwriter/Singer

Dedline  (over 7 years ago)


Thank you very much. I really enjoyed your music as well. Great lyrics and vocals. It would be great to work with you and collaborate on a song with you.

Mark Osborne - Dedline