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Kaylin Roberson
Kaylin Roberson  (6 months ago)
Hi! My name is Kaylin! Stopping by to invite you to sub my YouTube channel! Always looking to collaborate 😜 https://youtu.be/B1bAgQzaQ7w Sent from my iPad
John Castellain
John Castellain  (11 months ago)
Great track & production!
dS Productions
dS Productions  (over 1 year ago)
Hi! I SUBBED your YOUTUBE Channel. It would be very appreciated if you could SUB me back at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Fhf5d18KC-MtnwtMX_Tig THX!
E.M.G Records
E.M.G Records  (about 2 years ago)
i like your style...we should collab
schleever.com  (about 2 years ago)
Digging the Tunes, Schleever Approves
The Culprit Manifest
The Culprit Manifest  (about 2 years ago)
love it!
Lish Ventura
Lish Ventura  (over 2 years ago)
Great tunes! Back to check on your page. Have an awesome day. -Lish Ventura
Situatist Deux
Situatist Deux  (over 2 years ago)
very cool soundscapes. great vocals. you are truly beautiful
TheOtherManInBlack  (over 2 years ago)
Stopping by to show support and wish you success on your musical journey.
Marco De Luca
Marco De Luca  (almost 3 years ago)
Hi,great music,if you want,support me on facebook clicking "I like".See you soon. http://www.facebook.com/pages/ Marco-De-Luca/108812972482919