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Chase Tyler Band
Chase Tyler Band  (over 6 years ago)
loved your music and your vocals were awesome... Man you got it goin on..... Chase Tyler
jackie johnson
jackie johnson  (over 6 years ago)
Cowboy To The Bone dropped by to say, "Howdy!" :)
Cindy Smith
Cindy Smith  (over 6 years ago)
Hello Tim, just stopping by... thought I'd check out a few more of your songs... Cindy
Turquoise Rose
Turquoise Rose  (about 7 years ago)
YeeeHawww Tim, you got yerself some band members, lol! Great song! Catchy beat!
Turquoise Rose
Turquoise Rose  (about 7 years ago)
Happy New Year Tim! Love your new song!
JOSEPH E GRECO  (about 7 years ago)
WOW FANTASTIC song .just love your music.youve got a great tone in your music.hope you listen to my tribute songs to Jim Reeves called ANGELS DONT LIE and a tribute song to Marty Robbins called DON"T WORRY .let me no what you think MY WIFE AND I REALLY INJOYED YOU.WE WILL BE BACK. GOD BLESS
Turquoise Rose
Turquoise Rose  (over 7 years ago)
YeeeHawww...Tim Garmon...Love song King! :} Yer a proverbial bottomless well of inspiration!
Dave W. Mac
Dave W. Mac  (over 7 years ago)
Hi Tim,Enjoying your music. Thank you for reciprocating. All the best,Dave
Turquoise Rose
Turquoise Rose  (over 7 years ago)
Looks like you wrote another good one, 'Tamara'. Don't know how you do it but glad you do! Now that yer comp's goin again bet you'll be makin up for lost time, lol!
freaky moonites
freaky moonites  (over 7 years ago)
I'm sorry if this gets poste twice for some reason when I hit ok after the key word thingy nothing happened. That's great news Tim Garmon I'm happy for you, I hope when the time comes there are so many there to hear you and many others that it's standing room only. Keep up the good work.