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John Rankin
John Rankin  (7 months ago)

Rosebud - Cool song! Nice vocal performance...

Vanessa Lavoie
Vanessa Lavoie  (7 months ago)

Loving the song Rosebud, awesome sound and beautiful vocals.. Awesome...

MARK THAYER  (7 months ago)

Good morning artist extraordinaire.

Drew Allison
Drew Allison  (7 months ago)

Very unique & original sound!, with your voice, & instrumentation! Great songwriting!
All the best to you & your music Mary Ann!!

Joe Adrian Project
Joe Adrian Project  (7 months ago)

Beautiful music love your voice!!

Chris Ingram
Chris Ingram  (7 months ago)

You're a doll too - and what a terrific voice to carry your wonderful songs - "Crossing Over by the 31st" on again now - the playing and arrangement is superb too.

Lisa Panagos
Lisa Panagos  (7 months ago)

Great lyrics, voice and vibe. Thanks for connecting!

Billy R.
Billy R.  (7 months ago)

"Crossing Over by the 31st', beautiful song! Thank you for the connect! Wishing you much continuing success!

BURZZA  (7 months ago)

Hi MaryAnn!! Sounding Great!!! Mary

Salariatus  (7 months ago)

I've had my head under a rock but I'm still listening too. Love, Sal