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Jess Jones
Jess Jones  (5 months ago)

What’s Good, I'm the founder of GMSH Live. We're producing 2 concerts in Denver April 20-21 during the 4-20 weekend. If you want to hit the stage, call 401-699-2002 or visit GMSHTour(dot)com for specifics. Even if you can't make it to Denver for the events, we have plenty of other events on the schedule. And the website has some discounted promo packages that every serious artist should take advantage of. Stay Blessed.

Johnathan Leon
Johnathan Leon  (almost 6 years ago)

good musik!
Fan back, check mine out when you get a chance..
thanks- Johnathan Leon

LaConda  (over 7 years ago)

How are you? Miss you a lot. I've got soooo much going on right now. i'm writing songs and right now beyounce wants one of them.

susand1108  (over 8 years ago)

Nice tunes, nice pipes.

laj  (over 8 years ago)

I love Brace Yourself!!! Great vocals. Can't wait to hear a non-demo version.