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David Layton - Guitarist
David Layton - Guitarist  (over 2 years ago)

Love the songs and I love your voice, big time. Very professional sound.

ELISA DUWEZ  (over 2 years ago)

what is all about:) great

Mike Birch
Mike Birch  (almost 3 years ago)

Thanks for the friendship, keep on rockin'!

LeRuz La Rose
LeRuz La Rose  (almost 3 years ago)

Thank You For Showing A Girl Some Love!!

Kindred Spirit
Kindred Spirit  (almost 3 years ago)

Keep it going Clay!

Amanda Pollard
Amanda Pollard  (almost 3 years ago)

enjoying Rockit!!!! much love ♥ ♥ ♥

LeRuz La Rose
LeRuz La Rose  (almost 3 years ago)

Thanks For Joining Me On Reverbnation Keep Up The Great Work!! Join Me On FB At www.facebook.com/leruz.larose1

m1015  (almost 3 years ago)

..interesting sound!!!in particular for me
---Rockit --Get It Together

Alissa Feudo
Alissa Feudo  (almost 3 years ago)

Awesome music!

GEMINI ACT  (almost 3 years ago)

Greetings from Thessaloniki, Greece.
We thank you!!!