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Gringo Willy
Gringo Willy  (11 days ago)

Original creative seeing it with your own eyes feelin it

(Pop Star) Masumi
(Pop Star) Masumi  (14 days ago)

HI max, thank you so much for your continued support! Looking foward to hearing new songs from you :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (21 days ago)

Cheers!! Great guitar sounds...;-)) Keep well, Andrew

Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (about 1 month ago)

Love those intro guitars on The Choice & cool vocal vibe as well...;-)) Best wishes as always & thanks, Andrew

Seven Days
Seven Days  (about 1 month ago)

Checking out "The Choice" this morning!! Got a Rockin' / Rappin' groove cookin' on this one!! Awesome work guys - 7 LIKES!!

Johnny & The Fabulous Bakery Boys
Johnny & The Fabulous Bakery Boys  (2 months ago)

Love the feel - keep it comin'! Thanks Johnny

(Pop Star) Masumi
(Pop Star) Masumi  (3 months ago)

Love to come back here to listen to your awesome music!! Keep up the great work! Much Love and Respect!!

EmMayeX  (2 months ago)

Thanks Masumi - cheers .m.a.x

Fernando Sion - After fifties
Fernando Sion - After fifties  (4 months ago)

Great sound and talent man.Congratulations for your work. I wish you much success.Keep rockin.

Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (5 months ago)

Cheers!! Always have liked the off beat vibe to Still in a Town, cool vocal phrasing & that heavy guitar riff...;-)) Andrew

Fiona MacMahon
Fiona MacMahon  (5 months ago)

Back for the super cool "Still In A Town", Wishing you the best :)