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Lisa Panagos
Lisa Panagos  (8 months ago)

Rock on! Thanks for connecting!

Athoc Bahyingra Yemeraz
Athoc Bahyingra Yemeraz  (8 months ago)

Great song!!! Oldschool, Yeahhhh!!! Love those riffing, solo and drum part... Hail 666 Brother \m/!!!

Susie Brooklyn
Susie Brooklyn  (8 months ago)

Hello and keep jammin....

CROCK rock band
CROCK rock band  (8 months ago)

ROCK FOREVER!!! Thanks for your comment !!!

.  (8 months ago)

Hell yeah! Cleanse the bacteria is so powerful!

Blue Goons
Blue Goons  (9 months ago)

Nice Work

Scott Halvorsen
Scott Halvorsen  (9 months ago)

stopped by for a listen "pandemic" rocks, killer guitar work!

The Methamphetamine Mob
The Methamphetamine Mob  (9 months ago)

One serious metal powerhouse!

The Radiopaqüe
The Radiopaqüe  (9 months ago)

I'm gonna punch my landlord in the face and here's the soundtrack! This is the sh*t!

les Stores
les Stores  (9 months ago)

Yeah !