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Elyse Evelyn Wieland
Elyse Evelyn Wieland  (about 2 years ago)

Love the sound and music! I need to come to a show soon!

Fringe Audio
Fringe Audio  (about 2 years ago)

Really love what you are doing! If you ever need an affordable place for recording or any vocal work, get in touch! Would love to collaborate. Keep it up!

Stuart  (about 2 years ago)

Good job keep it up! I really like your music especially "Red White & Blue" check out my music I hope you find something you like I think "Wings Of Fire" is a track for you

Red Ridge Entertainment
Red Ridge Entertainment  (about 2 years ago)

Is there an email address that I could reach you at?

LaughingSkull  (about 2 years ago)

Hey crazy cowgirl.

TJ Clark
TJ Clark  (over 2 years ago)

MuseBoat Radio is going to introduce your new song in TJ´s Muse Bridge show on Sunday, May 24, 2015 at 10pm London---11pm Berlin---5pm NewYork---2pm Las Vegas---7am Tokyo---8pm Rio de Janeiro and 9am Sydney.
Join us in the chatroom in LISTEN & CHAT show http://museboat.wix.com/multimedia
You can login with your Facebook Twitter Google+ Yahoo LinkedIn or others without registration and promote your music amongst our listeners and friends ;)

just thomas
just thomas  (over 2 years ago)

awesome sound

DJ Antonio
DJ Antonio  (over 2 years ago)

Enjoying this weekend 10 th May with your excellent music and having a great afternoon!
Enjoy the coming week!
DJ Antonio

$lk Money
$lk Money  (over 2 years ago)

Love the Voice

Bruce Wayne Robinson
Bruce Wayne Robinson  (over 2 years ago)

Very nice....;-}~