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Hour Eleven
Hour Eleven  (about 6 years ago)

Clint, We have always loved your style! Hope to open for you and Sevendust some day! have a good one!!!!!


One Finger Flying
One Finger Flying  (over 6 years ago)

Clint, you're a great inspiration! Love everything you've done. "This Day" is probably my fave, but "December" is my fave off the new one. Keep the great tunes coming...and guys, if you haven't picked up Clint's solo stuff, you're truly missing out. Spread the word!

Hello Demons..meet skeletons
Hello Demons..meet skeletons  (over 6 years ago)

thanks so much

Rob Slonecker Entertainment
Rob Slonecker Entertainment  (over 6 years ago)

Hey Clint,
Rob Slonecker Here...
This is BREECH.
The Local Band in Maryland I manage.
Their Lead Singer, Rio is the guy that I had with me when 7Dust played in Atlantic City.
He is also the one who interviewed L-J for the Baltimore Magazine, "Shockwave".
Hope all is doing good?
Sorry I missed you in Hershey, Pa. But you being a Good Dad was where you needed to be!
That is something I respect!
A True Family Man!
Please Say Hello to all the Guys!
Tak care my friend...
Rob Slonecker