Andy Shearer (Instrumentals) / Comments

Diaroots  (2 months ago)
Very good guitarplayer I spend an nice moment.
Erik Deela
Erik Deela  (4 months ago)
Wow "Your Song" amazing guitar work. Great Job Andy!
Victoria Rapanan
Victoria Rapanan  (5 months ago)
I enjoy the full spectrum of your beautiful music!
The Koncepts of Light
The Koncepts of Light  (6 months ago)
materfull guitar playing here
Nancy Woods
Nancy Woods  (7 months ago)
Beautiful Music..........when you hear a song, and it makes you feel without lyrics, that makes it phenomenal............ I'm a FAN!!!
Ralph Lopez
Ralph Lopez  (9 months ago)
Really nice music to listen to...thanks. Rocco
Rose Finn
Rose Finn  (10 months ago)
Beautiful music Andy I am just going through your playlist and it's a delight after some of the music I've played tonight. 😳 Love the whistle. Wishing you all the very best. Love from Rose 🌹
Andy Shearer (Instrumentals)
Andy Shearer (Instrumentals)  (10 months ago)
Thank you for the kind comment, Rose. It's nice to know that you enjoyed listening to my playlist.
Brave You
Brave You  (10 months ago)
rock on!
Grady Lark
Grady Lark  (12 months ago)
Thanks, For..."Your Song'.... Grady
late night crisis
late night crisis  (over 1 year ago)
Really enjoyed Eastern Dream!