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Clemstrup  (over 3 years ago)
Stay tuned .
Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon  (over 3 years ago)
Cool music. Keep it up and all the best! Greetings from San Diego. AG
Jakob Kläning
Jakob Kläning  (over 3 years ago)
Hi Adam - Really nice compositions, well played and produced :-) All the best / Jakob
Mike Vinson - Americana
Mike Vinson - Americana  (over 4 years ago)
Back for an encore visit and am enjoying "Christmas Anxiety" today. It's always a pleasure to listen to your guitar.......
Jakob Kläning
Jakob Kläning  (over 4 years ago)
Hi Mike - thank you. I appreciate your feed back, 'means a great deal to me :-)
ANIMA 81  (over 4 years ago)
Very Great Mélodies and very Nice Guitar Play Cheers Pierre
WILD&WELSH  (over 4 years ago)
Great guitar work, love your style. Cool tracks. W&W
Jakob Kläning
Jakob Kläning  (over 4 years ago)
Hi W&W Thank you for taking time to check out work and for the kind words. You have some great songs and very weel produced. And a unique voice that makes your music differ :-)
Alexander A.Kuzmin - Composer
Alexander A.Kuzmin - Composer  (almost 5 years ago)
Hello, Jakob I have listened to your tracks and I should say that the music is very good and interesting, and I like it! But I still have a feeling that it is just a demo-recording. Please don’t take offence, as it does not concern your talent as an author and executor by any means. The thing is that I also perceive music from the point of view of the music industry, where perfect sound of separate instruments is cultivated as well as perfect sound quality in general. If you like, I can make your compositions sound on a highly professional and competitive level. For this purpose, I can make PRO Arrangements, write the Keyboard, Synth, Drums and Percussion Programming, Bass-Guitar Recording, etc. I can also make the Vocal and Instrument Correction, and finally Mixing and Mastering. All this will make your compositions reach a brand new level! We can also remake the old compositions, and of course write a new album. If you are interested, please contact me and we'll discuss the conditions of work: alexkuzminstudio@yahoo.com You can listen to my New Solo Album "A Secret Wish" and bonus tracks if you click this link: www.soundcloud.com/alexander-kuzmin www.thefilmportal.net/profile/AlexanderKuzmin Best regards, Alexander A.Kuzmin - composer, arranger, bassist and mix engineer.
Anchorage Alaska
Anchorage Alaska  (almost 5 years ago)
Good playin and nice music
BadgerStatic  (about 5 years ago)
Cool playing and composition!