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The Jule Tones (Julie Johnson Pici)
The Jule Tones (Julie Johnson Pici)  (7 months ago)

Wow - love it all! I do a few of these also but with vocals. Would love to collaborate with you on a project some day if you need vocals.

Check out Fly, Journey and Beauty In A Day.

Alain Karon
Alain Karon  (7 months ago)

Real cool music, thx for this connection

Ann-dee  (7 months ago)

Beautiful "Alien Flight!"

Leander Tate
Leander Tate  (7 months ago)

well placed textures, I'm really loving your work! God bless!

Big Brother On Acid
Big Brother On Acid  (7 months ago)

Alien flight is awesome.

THE SCAT BAND  (8 months ago)

I really like your music it's bad ass!!

Mike Dillon 54W
Mike Dillon 54W  (8 months ago)

Fantastic!! Been listening on Spotify, superb buddy!!! Much respect...

ALex FriAs
ALex FriAs  (8 months ago)

Pretty excellent!

Phone Factory
Phone Factory  (8 months ago)

Finally found a like minded soul...sounds great

Kwesi Wabbit Hankins
Kwesi Wabbit Hankins  (8 months ago)

Hello! Great work! I am a podcaster and requesting permission to use Reflections in a podcast provided I give credit and share your link where people can find you. Thanks!