Emmett North Jr. / Comments

Jimmy giant
Jimmy giant  (3 months ago)

Loving my listen. I'll be back Emmett ...Fabulous guitar playing 🙏

Jimmy giant
Jimmy giant  (3 months ago)

You are one class act...totally superb. Thank you 🙏

SandyBone & The BreakDown
SandyBone & The BreakDown  (3 months ago)

Such great music!

Daly  Redline
Daly Redline  (3 months ago)

\m/ Enjoyed .

Peter Kerr (Sam Slick)
Peter Kerr (Sam Slick)  (3 months ago)

So very smooth and cool Emmett. Thank you.

D.W. Liddell
D.W. Liddell  (3 months ago)

Very nice music my friend, directly out of the place all pop music was born, Blues, Jazz, R and B. Best Wishes to you.

SNEED LEED  (3 months ago)

Thanks for those groove lessons brother!!! Love your style!!

Bonn Witty
Bonn Witty  (3 months ago)

Love ya man. So great.

John Hildreth
John Hildreth  (3 months ago)

Diggin' your grooves!

Rick Gordon
Rick Gordon  (3 months ago)

Emmett, what a fine player you are! Thanks so much for stumbling across my page here. I love your playing - great work.