Geppetto's Wüd / Comments

Sabrina Husseini
Sabrina Husseini  (about 4 years ago)

You guys sound amazing! Keep up the great work!

Geppetto's Wüd
Geppetto's Wüd  (about 4 years ago)

You are awesome , thank you.

Gary Portillo
Gary Portillo  (over 4 years ago)

Sounds like: 311, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers. That sounds like the chemical makeup of my dream band; I have high hopes for you guys!

Robin  (over 4 years ago)

I love your songs especially See You Tomorrow! The lyrics speak to me and the song is very crossover, you will be a fan of this group and once you listen to their music which is original and fresh, you be their number 1 fan. Trust me Geppetto's Wüd is the next big star!!