Charles M. Mailer / Comments

Pete Fisher
Pete Fisher  (3 days ago)
Great tunes, great band Charles!
Billy R.
Billy R.  (4 days ago)
WOW, and I mean WOW! Pure excellence! Great vocals, musicianship, etc. You have it all! Thank you for fanning me., I am truly humbled.
Nicolas Lovero
Nicolas Lovero  (6 days ago)
I love "Occupé étant Bad V2". Great sound.
Johnny Bratcher
Johnny Bratcher  (11 days ago)
Great music Charles....Thank you.
Collin Taylor & the Blues Jets
Collin Taylor & the Blues Jets  (13 days ago)
Love the mix of jazz, blues, and funk. Your songs have great guitar lead.
Angry Knights
Angry Knights  (14 days ago)
Great Music, Great Stories, song with awesome vocals. Love it.
BEIGE FISH  (17 days ago)
It's been so long - still one of the blues here on RN !!!cheers Beige Fish
Jordan E. Spivack
Jordan E. Spivack  (17 days ago)
11-0-90: very cool and introspective!
John Garabon
John Garabon  (18 days ago)
Great sound!
Trifase Blues Band
Trifase Blues Band  (18 days ago)
I do like your feeling and construction of your bues Wow ! that guitar -great singer - would be great to share stages