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MISSION G  (3 months ago)

Thanks for the comment. If you ever want to come to AZ and play let us know and we will set up a show. Songs sound awesome.

Blue Goons Ent.
Blue Goons Ent.  (3 months ago)

Nice Work

Three Left
Three Left  (3 months ago)

Thanks for the add guys and good luck in 2017!

The Neal Maingot Project
The Neal Maingot Project  (3 months ago)

Hello "SEND'EM DOWN" ..droppin' in for another visit and I am absolutlely loving what I am hearing here. Your Music has such a great VIBE and ENERGY going on. It's seriously hard for me to pick just one Favorite Song ..as they are all so Good! I really enjoyed listening to "All 8" ..it's an absolutely amazing Song, Solid Vocals. I also really Liked "Gag the Masses" ..and.. "SHEDDING STONE" ..two more Fantastic Songs! Superb Vocals, Lyrics and Musicianship throughout your amazing Song List, nice work "SEND'EM DOWN" . Thank you so much for your Music and your Support, it's really appreciated. I will most definitely be back for more. Wishing you only the very best from Vancouver Canada. neal

Final Empire
Final Empire  (3 months ago)


Vicki J
Vicki J  (5 months ago)

Very talented musicians....very good music....

Not My Master
Not My Master  (6 months ago)

nice tunes

CAROLINE BLUE  (11 months ago)

Hi Send'Em Down-,thanks for the add! How are things? Wishing you & yours all the best!

BERDOO  (over 1 year ago)

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Overfall  (about 2 years ago)

Very nice stuff!!

Greetings from Spain!!

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