THE ALOPECIA TRIO  (over 3 years ago)
JUST THOUGHT I'D POST A SELECTION OF QUOTES THE ALOPECIA TRIO HAVE GATHERED.......ALL GENUINE COMMENTS FROM REVIEWS AND ARTICLES AND FACEBOOK ETC. *Love Bum Trumpet, the tune, I mean, not the actual reality! *Hahahahahahaha LMFAO!!!!!!!!! *St Mary Magdalene.... track absolutely brilliant xx *THE ALOPECIA TRIO are a fine example of a bunch of very capable musicians making music simply because it's FUN. *Magnificent! *Watch the video for "Dry My Little Tinkle", it's genius. *Thick Cunts! *You have such a Pink Floyd feel but not the same of course. *Prefer the rock stuff. Bum Trumpet has the best riff by a mile and good full guitar sound. Strombanger turned out well. Very inventive. *Spot on. *I admire the sheer nakedness of their music. *Still a rockin' tune.......and the right time of year to visit Stourport On Sea. *Made me laugh out loud!! *7.5 out of 10. *Melodic and sometimes frantic *Mad! *Bollocks to 'em I say...... *There can be no denying the fact that with song titles such as Strombanger (a crosss between Rush and the Bee Gees with a touch of acid/cider thrown in) and Bum Trumpet (now how many other bands can write catchy little ditties about having a shit and get away with it), The Alopecia Trioca and do it with humour, and rather surprisingly good musicianship. *Controvesial, funny, but never boring. *"Dry My Little Tinkle" is a cracking tune and one of the most original subjects for a song ever! *Oh dear, oh dear oh dear......................................... *The largest trio known to this rock journalist! *Your track features adult content or swearing that isn’t suitable for airplay on your local station. In this case, please upload a clean radio edit if possible. *You're just weird! *I was delighted to hear something pure and natural. *Arrived on a cold & damp building site this morning, made a brew & switched on the Iphone, Alopecia Trio, amazing how my mood changed! What a band!! *Monstrous!! *You are a very silly people! *Oh the irony.....Nostromo Xenomorph singing "You Can't Get A Drink In The Spoon".....another Alopecia Trio classic methinks!! *This is good stuff...... *Thanks to my pals the Alopecia Trio for their new tune "Crosswords On Crack" which is apparently inspired by me...!! *OUT GROSSED........YOU WIN...!!!! *Hello boys!!!......Good luck with your new page! *Fuckin great! *Oh such indulgence, but marvelous!!! *What!!!???!!! *So when do the live gigs start? Be good to have a night out with the balding ones!!! *Barry Island tried to kill me! *......far out man! *I am listening to and writing a review for the new Alopecia Trio album. Watch this space!! *Made I laugh. *Last night I tracked rhythm, lead and bass guitar onto a 4-track Tascam 1/4 inch tape machine as a guest musician for a track for my uncles band The Alopecia Trio. Just gotta write some lyrics now. Song is about coming half way round the world to visit my nana haha. *Oooh, I do like this. *The Alopecia Trio, a follically challenged musical excursion . *Gooooo on! and anyway....fuck me, a giant dwarf lives on Clee Hill
The Feromones
The Feromones  (about 5 years ago)
That's a tad rad
Slam Horse
Slam Horse  (about 5 years ago)
Enjoyed your tracks! Wish you much success! --Slam Horse
THE TIME BOMB  (about 5 years ago)
Awesome sound man! Greetings from THE TIME BOMB KA-BOOOOOOOM!
Franz Holzhauser
Franz Holzhauser  (about 5 years ago)
really good...
Chainfall  (about 5 years ago)
Passing by to show our support. Big respect!
Otto Zone
Otto Zone  (over 5 years ago)
Very cool !!! May this New Year bring even more inspiration and creativity your way !!! peace & love...oz