Sequoyah / Comments

erikitamarie  (almost 8 years ago)

california anytime soon?? (: <3

omnomnom1234  (over 8 years ago)

i've loved you guys forever!
you should come back to chicago! i didn't get to see that last show here

DerbyDangerous  (over 8 years ago)

Hey so my friend told me that he helped you get booked at the handlebar in Pensacola fl feb 28 for me I'm super excited!! Ya'll are amazing i love the weights are heavy album.

mbbeachgurl  (almost 9 years ago)

You guys are amazing & so talented!

I am so fortunate to have been to so many of your concerts and get to know you guys.

I am excited to continue to go to more & get my friends to come out with me!

Keep up the great work and I will see you on Saturday!

Btw...my captcha word is "rick james", hahahaha! :)