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Leonor Andrade
Leonor Andrade  (over 1 year ago)

great sounds!! great work!!

Tiho  (over 1 year ago)

Great sound!!! The Trip is beautiful almost like Antarctic ...

pinksideofthemoon  (about 3 years ago)

nice "Trip" nice vocals and original style!

Nagasus  (about 3 years ago)

Enjoying "The Trip"... Beautiful-smooth vocal with epic electro compositions.. Keep it up! Good luck

GLASNOZT  (about 3 years ago)

Hi! Great work, especially with vocals. Thanks for the add.

Kat and The Canaries
Kat and The Canaries  (about 3 years ago)

Awesome sound. Chillin out to it at work :)

Bonde  (over 3 years ago)

Hi Origin- X! Great music! God bless you!
Happiness!!! Success!!!

Poetry of the Sinister
Poetry of the Sinister  (over 3 years ago)

Awesome work! And that sweet voice is just perfect for your music! I especially enjoyed "The Chase". Keep it going. Best wishes.

Pardtronica  (over 3 years ago)

Hi, stopping by to listen to your music. Really enjoy "The Trip," great tune!

Syre and Fresko
Syre and Fresko  (over 3 years ago)

A big shout out to you Origin-X! Thanks for your kindness, and we absolutely LOVE your work! Keep it up!